About Us

We do one thing. Domain Registration. And we do it well.

Founded in 2000 by Candace McMorrow, we are a U.S.-based domain registration company partnered with Tucows, Inc. Tucows is the second-largest ICANN accredited domain name registrar worldwide. Together we provide state-of-the-art DNS infrastructure and unsurpassed customer service to domain owners.

In the beginning, the goal was to offer affordable domains that the registrant could manage themself. Since then, the service has progressed with the addition of premium DNS hosting, contact privacy, DNSSEC support, and just the general ease in which our customers can register and manage their domain names.

Unlike other domain providers, we only offer domain registration services. That's it. No web hosting. No email hosting. Domain registration, web hosting, and email hosting are three different services that should be handled separately. Best practices dictate that the three be separated under the "No single point of failure" doctrine.

We provide the easiest way for businesses and individuals to register and manage their own domain names. Connect your domain to your favorite service or buy a domain for future use. Pricing is simple and competitive.

By registering your domains with us you get the best of both worlds — the personal touch of a small company, and the security and reliability of a large one.